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kontrolliert mehrheitlich als Vorsitzender die ADO Group

»Adi Keizman, who holds the controlling interest of the ADO Group, is expanding his international activities by entering the Ukrainian real-estate market. The group has purchased, for $28 million, Ukrainian companies that hold leasing contracts for several complexes with a total area of over 400 acres. On that land, 16,000 housing units are to be built. »I have faith in the Ukrainian real-estate market and plan to expand the group's portfolio in the country,« Keizman said. »I hope to duplicate the group's success in Germany,« he explained. The German portfolio includes residential buildings in Berlin and buildings designated for preservation such as the Postfuhramt, the old post office building, in Berlin and Yenidze, a former cigarette factory building in Dresden, which he planes to turn into a luxury hotel.« (05.10.07, Israel Money)

A.D.O. Holdings Ltd.
52594, Ramat Gan

A.D.O. Europe Ltd.
(Formerly Pneiel Holdings Ltd.) is an Israel-based company. The Company is not operational. On March 6, 2005 the Company sold its assets, debts and activities and the Company’s activities were seized. On January 15, 2008, the Board of Directors confirmed the strategy and principle targets of the Company to act as a Real Estate Holding Company focusing on European Real Estate. On January 21, 2008 the Company changed its name from Pneiel Holdings Ltd. to A.D.O. Europe Ltd. A.D.O. Europe Ltd. is headquartered in Tel-Aviv.
4 Berkovitz Street
Tel Aviv, 64238

A.D.O. Property Holdings GmbH
Handelregister-Nr.: HRF FN 266703 k
HR-Gericht: Wien
Wäringer Str. 2-4 /1/48
1090 Wien

Swallowbird Trading & Investments Limited
Tasou 3